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High5 Goes West

Yes, High5 Press has picked up and moved west, finding a new home in Salt Lake City, Utah! I'm settling in to my position at the University of Utah's Book Arts Program, as Binding Instructor and Studio Coodinator. The program is proving to be a vibrant and active community of skilled and passionate practitioners (and just all-around nice and interesting people).

The Utah BAP has a full slate of visiting artists and lecturers in 2011, which you can check out on their online events calendar. As part of my job, I get to communicate with these artists, and arrange for their stays in SLC. Among them is Anna Embree, my excellent binding teacher from University of Alabama, who will be giving an intensive workshop on Byzantine binding. Also visiting from Alabama will be Amos Kennedy, in September. Looks like Alabama's Book Power!!! has long tentacles...

Work on my current project--a limited-edition artist's book of a short story by the lovely Marcia Douglas--continues, albeit slowly. It's a challenge to do justice to such a wonderful tale in this time of transition, but I'll be going to press soon in the amazing studio in the J. Willard Marriott Library at "the U."

I am also assiting Tomomi Nakashima, the Marriott's head conservator, in a class on book repair this semester. The first session met last Wednesday; she talked the class through some slides of treatments she's done, and among other things, taught them (us) about tape removal through various methods (lifting, heat, water, alcohol). Tomomi is very cool, and very knowledgable with a wealth of experience behind her. And thus my life as a student of the book continues...

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