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"100 Books" Exhibition at the Kentuck Museum Association

The opening for "100 Books", my first solo exhibition, occured this Thursday (night of the full moon) at the Kentuck Museum Association's Annex Gallery. Lots of people came out to see the work, mingle, eat, drink and chat. Special thanks to Valerie Piette for her help setting up and getting ready for the show. She came up with the excellent idea to use old cd cases as improvised shelving for small book objects. Spraypainted white, they look quite excellent! Here are the notes I posted on the gallery wall, which help explain the project:

"These objects are not all books, but they all were books at one time.

The premise of 100 Books was to use constraints as a means to provoke creative thought, experimentation and production. To start with, I made 100 blank books—8½” x 4¼”, single-section, 32-page pamphlets, sewn into red paper covers. I then used these books as the raw materials to create new and unique objects. In addition to this overarching constraint, I set additional parameters: I was allowed to alter the books by removing material from them, and could add only thread and adhesive (traditional bookbinding materials) and containers where necessary. I also used water and various physical manipulations to change their forms.

Book making can be a painstakingly detailed process, requiring planning, organization and patience. As an experience, 100 Books gave me the chance to improvise; indeed, it demanded that I allow spontaneity into my work. It let me investigate the physical properties of paper and find new uses for tools. Though unified by the simplicity, scarcity and uniformity of materials, the collection is diverse—some abstracted paper sculptures, some tidy representational forms; some books, some not.

Books are compelling because they can contain anything. In this show at least, they can also be anything (or at least be changed into anything)."

Reader Comments (2)

As a book lover I hadnt really thought about books as versatile , fanciful objects. I love the humor and the wit that you express in these variations on the Book. I love the red and white too - - fresh, exhilarating color and amusing, thought -provoking sculpture. Hurrah for emily and books!!

June 2, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterbrenda tipps

Your show looks super Tipps, I wish that I'd been here to see it! Are there more photos anywhere?

July 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKidney

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